Grilled Mexican Street Corn

Grilled Mexican Street Corn

Hello, gorgeous.

Have you guys ever had Mexican street corn before?


Get in your car and drive to the grocery store. Pronto.

Get some corn. Make this…now!

Grilled Mexican Street Corn

This is one of those things that you just want to eat every single day of summer because it is so perfect in every way. The juicy, crisp, grilled (duh) corn kernels; the creamy, lime-y, flavorful spread; the sharp, salty Cotija cheese; the fresh cilantro, and the extra pop from the sprinkle of chili powder….

Excuse me while I go finish off the remaining three from the fridge right now.

There is only one negative to this recipe…and it is only a negative if you have braces or that little permanent wire retainer that they glue to the inside of your teeth (me! me!).

I would say about 93% of the corn ended up in the retainer.

BUT!! Totally worth it. No question in my mind.

Grilled Mexican Street Corn

This is such a perfect summer side!

I say “side” but the reality is that Seth and I will probably eat these and only these for dinner tonight. Because…well…they are yummy. I can blame not making a balanced meal and just eating corn for dinner on being a food blogger…right?

We’re gonna go with yes.

I basically use any excuse I possibly can to grill make Seth grill while I sit inside in the air conditioned house. I’m glad dudes like grilling…because it makes everything taste bangin’ and is so appropriate for summa time. But it’s preeeeeeetty much miserable outside because of the heat and humidity. Stick a 400 degree grill in front of me when it’s already 100 degrees outside aaaand I think I’ll pass.

Corn is so delicious this time of year – so juicy and crisp and sweet and tasty and..and….and….it’s just everything.

Boone likes it too. I gave him a little because I feel bad for him. He is injured…he hurt his little paw. I have no idea what happened, but we were outside playing fetch and when he was running back to me he suddenly had a really serious limp goin’ on.

It looks like something is stuck in his little foot, but we can’t find anything. So maybe he twisted it or something? We are going to let it go for a few days and if it doesn’t improve at all we will have to take him to…….


Dun dun dunnnnn.

If you read this, you know about Boone’s INTENSE fear of the vet. It makes it a really enjoyable experience to take him there.

So hopefully he gets better!!!!! Poor baby.

It’s okay. I gave him corn.

Grilled Mexican Street Corn

Happy happy happy haaappppyyyy FRRIIDDAYY!! Woo!

Go make some corn.


*This recipe is gluten free*

Grilled Mexican Street Corn

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